How to cancel Tesco car insurance

How to cancel Tesco car insurance

Get a quick quote and cancel your Tesco Car Insurance policy


If you’re wanting to cancel your Tesco car insurance policy, this article will tell you how to go about doing it. We’ll first take you through how to get a quick quote and then how to cancel your policy by calling the number on the policy letter or visiting the website if you don’t have the number handy. It’s not too difficult at all – just follow these steps and in no time at all you’ll be enjoying cheaper insurance premiums with another provider!

    What is Tesco car insurance?

Tesco car insurance is an insurance policy that covers your car in the event of an accident, theft, or other damages. You can purchase Tesco car insurance online or in person at aTesco store. If you need to cancel your Tesco car insurance for any reason, you can do so online or by calling customer service. When cancelling your policy, you will need to provide your policy number and date of birth. If you don't have your policy number, they will be able to find it using your name and date of birth. Your card on file with Tesco should be able to be used to pay for the cancellation fee. Cancellation fees vary depending on how long ago you started your policy with them but it's usually around £8-10 if it's been less than 12 months since you've purchased the policy. The longer ago that you purchased the insurance, the higher this fee may be as well as if there are incidents where they've had to make payments on behalf of someone else who has caused damage or accidents related to their car during this time period.

        Why should I get it?

There are many reasons why you might want to get Tesco car insurance. It's one of the UK's leading insurers, it offers a wide range of cover, and it has a strong reputation for customer service. However, you may have decided that you no longer need car insurance, or you may be able to find a better deal elsewhere. If you're looking to cancel your Tesco car insurance, here's what you need to do. 

1) Contact Tesco on 0330 330 1003 if you've got any questions about cancelling. The team will help you with any queries before getting in touch with them. 

2) Tell them that you want to cancel your policy, but don't worry if they ask whether there is anything they can do to change your mind - they'll understand and won't try too hard! 

3) You'll then need to provide some personal details like full name, date of birth, address and phone number as well as the vehicle registration number for the vehicle on which you would like to cancel. The team will then set up an appointment so that one of their advisers can call round in person at a time convenient for both parties. At this point, it's a good idea to take along all relevant documents related to the cancellation such as proof of ID and proof of residence. Once everything is sorted out, the adviser will hand over a certificate confirming that you cancelled your policy with Tesco and issue any refunds due.

     How do I insure with Tesco?

You can insure with Tesco by getting a quote online, over the phone, or in-store. To get a quote online, you'll need to provide some personal and vehicle information. Once you have your quote, you can purchase your policy and start driving. If you need to cancel your policy, you can do so online or over the phone. How do I find my cover ID?: The cover ID is on the front of your policy document. What are Tesco's payment options?: Payment options include card payment, direct debit, internet banking, cheque and cash. What if I want to make changes to my policy? You can also change your details at any time by contacting customer services. Tesco offers an extensive range of policies, with prices starting from just £59 for a year's fully comprehensive insurance and up to £1,000 for full third party liability. If you're looking for a new policy, there's no better place to start than Tesco. For more information on our rates and features, please visit our website.

   What is included in the policy?

Tesco Car Insurance offers a wide range of coverages, including liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage. You can also add on extras like roadside assistance and rental car reimbursement. Plus, with our mobile app you can easily manage your policy from anywhere. If you need to cancel your policy for any reason, we make it easy with our online cancellation form. Simply type in the email address that is registered with your account and select 'cancel my policy'. You'll receive an email confirmation once the request has been processed. It's that simple! 

Get a quick quote now to find out more about Tesco Car Insurance or call 0800 644 2347 * (*Calls are free from landlines and BT mobiles). Tesco Car Insurance offers a wide range of coverages and features. Use the Tesco Mobile App to get instant quotes and access your policy wherever you go. Requesting a cancellation couldn't be easier - just follow these four steps: 

1) Enter your registration details 

2) Select 'cancel my policy' 

3) Choose whether to continue paying monthly or cancel all together 

4) Your request will be sent automatically through as soon as possible

  What are the exclusions of this plan?

If you haveTesco Car Insurance, there are certain exclusions to the coverage that you should be aware of. These include: if you have an accident while driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, if you drive recklessly or dangerously, if you fail to stop at the scene of an accident, if you leave the scene of an accident before the police arrive, or if you make a false or fraudulent claim. This type of coverage is optional, so if you don't want it then this may not be the best option for you. 

If it turns out that this isn't what you're looking for, then get a quick quote and cancel your Tesco Car Insurance plan today! 

If it turns out that this isn't what you're looking for, then get a quick quote and cancel your Tesco Car Insurance plan today!

What are exclusions of their coverage?: As well as detailing if certain types of incidents are not covered in their plans, insurers also list which things aren’t covered by those incidents. For example: If you have an accident while driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, there is generally no cover for damage to other people's property or injury caused. It will also not cover any legal fees incurred from personal injury claims or damage to another vehicle. 

What are exclusions of their coverage? - Second Paragraph: There is one thing they don’t mention on their website though. When I phoned them up to cancel my Tesco Car Insurance, I was asked how much time I had left on my current contract. After telling them my next billing date, they told me that I wouldn't be able to cancel my contract until the next billing date - six months away! That's ridiculous. All I wanted to do was cancel my Tesco Car Insurance because the price increased and frankly I didn't think it was worth paying extra money for something that doesn't even cover accidents when someone is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. So, if you're reading this post and thinking about cancelling your Tesco Car Insurance too then please read our advice below about how to do just that! Firstly, go online and find your existing policy number. You'll need to input this into the 'Quote Number' box when filling out the cancellation form on Tesco's website. Secondly, choose whether you want to keep your existing excess (the amount of money you pay upfront before the insurer pays anything) or start afresh with a new excess amount. Lastly, enter your card details and submit your request! And voila! Your cancellation has been processed and will take effect from the next billing date which we mentioned earlier.

  What happens if I claim on my policy?

Your cover will depend on the level of cover you have chosen. If you have comprehensive cover, we will pay for the damage caused to your car and any other cars involved. If you have third party only cover, we will pay for the damage caused to any other cars involved. If you have third party, fire and theft cover, we will pay for the damage caused to any other cars involved as well as any damage caused by fire or theft to your car. We will also cover any additional costs such as hire charges if your car is off the road because of an accident. You may be liable for some excess depending on what you’ve agreed in your terms and conditions. You can find out more about our terms and conditions here. Tesco Car Insurance? Get a quick quote, mobile policy check and service. Cancel my Tesco Car Insurance? Get a quick quote and cancel.

  Do I need NCB (No Claims Bonus)?

When you are looking to purchase a new car insurance policy, you may be asked if you have NCB (No Claims Bonus). This is something that can save you money on your premium. Here's what you need to know about NCB. 

1) What does it mean? It means that you've had no claims for the past three years or more. No claims in three years will give you 12 months of free cover when you make a claim in the future. It also means you'll get cheaper premiums from the start.

2) How do I get NCB? It takes just one accident-free year to earn 1 year of NCB; two accident-free years earns 2 years of NCB, and so on. So if it's been six or more years since your last claim, congratulations! You now have 6 years of NCB! Now how do you go about getting this as an added bonus with your new policy? Simply select 'no' at the question Do you have any NCB? 

If this has helped, please share this post with friends who may benefit from it too. Thank you for reading my blog post - enjoy your day and drive safe!

   When do I need to renew my cover?

You will need to renew your cover every year. If you cancel your policy before it expires, you will not be refunded for any unused portion of the policy. You can renew your policy online or by phone. To renew online, login to your account and go to the My Policies page. From there, you will be able to view your expiration date and renew your policy. To renew by phone, call the customer service number on the back of your card. Be sure to have your Tesco Car Insurance ID with you when you do so. If you do not have this ID with you, then please provide your name and contact information as well as an agent will help find the relevant information from our records. 

If I am in an accident what should I do?: As soon as possible following an accident please make sure that: • You exchange personal details with the other driver • Provide details of the other driver's vehicle including its registration plate (and take photos if possible) • Take note of all injuries sustained by yourself and others involved in the accident • Report the incident straight away to us using our dedicated claims line 0345 626 8811 • Ensure that all drivers are carrying their license at the time of the collision - preferably also photo ID - and get written statements from them if necessary


In order to cancel your Tesco Car Insurance policy, you will need to follow the steps below:

1. Log into your account on theTesco website.

2. Find the My Account tab and click on it.

3. On the next page, find the Cancel Policy button and click on it.

4. Follow the instructions on the next page.

5. Enter your payment information.

6. Click on the Submit button. 7. Check your email for confirmation of cancellation.

8. A confirmation message will appear at the top of your screen stating that Your request has been completed. 

9. You can now log out of your account by clicking on the logout link at the top right-hand corner of the screen (see below). 

10. If you want to access your account again in the future, simply login with your credentials using the same process as above. Tesco is one of the leading providers of vehicle insurance and home insurance policies, but if you no longer require their services, then it's important to know how to cancel Tesco Car Insurance quickly and easily. 

In this blog post we've detailed how you can cancel your Tesco Car Insurance without any hassle whatsoever.

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